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Ohana Bin Washing Company provides trash can cleaning service in Hutto, TX. We offer the most affordable rates in Williamson county. We offer a 100% environmentally friendly garbage bin cleaning service in Hutto, TX specializing in cleaning and sanitizing trash and recycling bins for residential neighborhoods.

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About Us

Ohana Bin Wash is a licensed, family-owned business based out of Pflugerville, TX. Ohana Bin Wash also serves the neighboring communities of Hutto, Round Rock and Manor.

We are a 100% environmentally friendly garbage bin cleaning service specializing in cleaning and sanitizing trash and recycling bins for residential neighborhoods

Ohana is the preferred choice for recycles and trash can cleaning service in Pflugerville, as we utilize environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe from bacteria, bad odors, insects, and rodents.

Trash Can Cleaning Service Hutto

Placing trash cans outside your home or in a living settlement is sometimes necessary, but it opens doors to putrid smells and bacteria from these trash cans. You cannot put away the trash cans but what you can do is clean them well. It is hard to clean the trash cans on your own, and to ease you; superior quality Ohana Bin Wash trash can cleaning Hutto is now in your place.
We offer excellent trash can cleaning services all over Hutto. Our company has been professionally dealing with cleaning domestic and commercial trash cans. We are in it for quite some time now, which is why we are trusted by the people here. We are committed to saving the environment and surroundings, and for that, we have very eco-friendly equipment.

COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgment

All our team members practice social distancing, perform and follow all the covid-19 guidelines that have been provided!

Why Is Cleaning Trash Cans Necessary?

Trash cans can be a place that will breed many bacteria and germs. You can avoid this by keeping them clean, and for that, you will need a professionally trained service. Our trash can cleaning service is very well-known, and we make sure that all those greasy stains on the trash cans are adequately removed, and after that, the trash cans look as good as new.
Whether the trash can have all the garbage in it ultimately, if it is clean from outside and it does not smell bad, it will avoid any bacteria that will harm the environment and the people around it.

How We Work At Ohana Bin Wash Trash Can Cleaning Hutto

Ohana Bin Wash trash can cleaning Hutto has a well-versed team of professionals with high-grade equipment. The process of booking and cleaning all proceeds through a systematic route. At first, you will have to book an appointment. We deal with domestic and also commercial settlements. Our team will reach out to you. We have trash cans cleaning trucks which have machinery and equipment fitted in it. These trucks will come to your place and take the empty trash cans to clean them.
At first, the trash cans are washed with pressurized hot water. It removes any greasy stains on the trash can. We use disinfectants on the trash cans, and after drying them, deodorizers are sprayed, which keeps any pests away. It also makes the trash can smell nicer.
We have such high-grade technology that your trash cans are cleaned to be as good as new within minutes without making any mess in your driveway. All the dirty water is there in the truck, and it is disposed of very carefully.

Trash Can Cleaning Services

Before we move onto the next step, let us first give you an outlook of how our services proceed. The trash can cleaning services are usually the same, but the prices vary depending on the size and high grade of cleaning you want. Some of the essential trash can cleaning services at Ohana Bin Wash trash can cleaning Hutto are as follows:


  1. Inspection of the dirty trash cans
  2. Cleaning any greasy stains
  3. Pressure washing with hot water
  4. Drying and deodorizing the trash cans

Trash Can Cleaning Services

Ohana Bin Wash trash can cleaning Hutto is one of the best trash can cleaning services in the area. You can tell by the testimonials, here are a few reasons to support this fact.


  • Ohana trash can cleaning in Hutto has the best equipment for trash bin cleaning.
  • We are a very professional service with the most affordable rates in your area.
  • We don’t use any harsh chemicals which will damage the trash cans.
  • At our company, we use the most eco-friendly accessories and cleaning materials to clean your trash cans and keep the environment safe.



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Our trash cans look almost brand new and there is no more horrible odor. Thanks, Ohana

Jon Herrera

Customer, Hutto, TX

Great service. Nice employees from office to the driver. They are amazing to work with.

Aaliyah Johnson

Customer, Round Rock, TX

Top notch company. The owners are friendly and very thorough with their cleaning.

Norman Cohen

Customer, Manor, TX

They did a fantastic job! My trash cans are odor-free and clean like they are new.

Valentina Lopez

Customer, Hutto, TX

I absolutely love Ohana, they are professional, fast and have never been late!

Natalia Kim

Customer, Pflugerville, TX

They are absolutely the best trash can cleaning company! This our third time with them. 

Nick William

Customer, Pflugerville, TX

Why You Cannot Take Care Of Your Trash Cans On Your Own?

Manual trash can cleaning is tried and tested by many of our clients, and they have claimed themselves that it is a fail. The first thing is that it will take you hours to clean it. There will be much mess, and you will even ruin your driveway with so much soap and water. Another thing is that most people don’t have that high-grade cleaning equipment as we do. Buying it all will cost you so much, and it will be of no use.
Some of the mildew developed by bacteria on the sides of trash cans cannot be removed so easily on your own, but a professional service like ours removes them properly. We have chemicals and disinfectants to clean them and remove them from the root. So whenever you want to take advantage of a trash can cleaning service, Ohana Bin Wash trash can cleaning Hutto is always at your beck and call.


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Why should I have my bins cleaned?

 Just using a hose and broom to clean your trash and recycle bins is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria and diseases that breed in your bins(  ex.Tuberculosis, E-Coli, Salmonella & Listeria). Also, dirty bins can have unpleasant odors and attract rodents and critters. We not only clean your bins, we disinfect, sanitize and deodorize.

When do you come to service my recycling bins and trash cans?

We follow local trash and recycling schedules and holidays. Service will normally take place the day after trash is picked up (Tuesday through Saturday).  Same day service may be available if trash AND recycling in your surrounding areas are picked up early in the day.  We ask that you leave your bins out overnight so that we can service them the next morning.

How often should my trash and recycle bins be cleaned?

The majority of our customers opt for monthly cleanings, but you can choose the frequency that’s right for you.

How will I know if our bins have been cleaned?

Upon completion of the cleaning and deodorizing process, we will notify you that service has been completed. You do not have to be home or present at the time of cleaning, and we ensure your bins are put back in a safe manner for when you’re ready to take them in.

Do I need to sign a contract?

There are no contracts, you just sign up for the service plan that you want.  After your bins are cleaned, you will receive an email with your invoice. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our packages or process.


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