How to Know if Your Trash Can Has Harmful Bacteria — and How a Trash Can Washing Service Can Eliminate It

Though trash cans aren’t exactly supposed to be the cleanest aspect of your home, they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate dirt and garbage over time. And, if you’ve ever caught a whiff of a bin that hasn’t been properly maintained, you’ve likely wondered: “Can a trash can cleaning service near me help eliminate the stench?”

The simple answer: yes! Trash can washing services like Ohana Bin Washing are experts in the art of restoring bins to their former, cleanest state, regardless of what condition they’re in.  However, this process isn’t solely useful for removing the unpleasant smells that come with a filthy bin. In fact, that’s just a small part of the effort; if you’re searching for “Trash can cleaners near me,” you’re also ensuring your trash can remains free of harmful bacteria. 

How Do I Know if My Trash Can Has Bacteria?

Trash cans will always have some level of bacteria on their surfaces, but those that are left unwashed for months on end are at higher risk of inviting harmful species into the surrounding areas of your home. 

If you find that your cans still emit a rancid smell even after you’ve taken out the garbage, it could mean that bacteria have been allowed to overgrow — usually, right at the bottom of the can. 

So, what dangers could be festering inside its walls? A few common names include: 

  • E. Coli: When ingested, this form of bacteria can impact an individual’s digestive system, making them sick. 
  • Listeria: One of the most dangerous items on this list, Listeria has been shown to cause infections in the membranes surrounding the spinal cord and brain, making it a serious threat to your wellbeing. 
  • Salmonella: This well-known danger hosts a wide range of concerns, as it can spur infections in the urine, bones, joints, blood, or nervous system, as well as a slew of potentially severe diseases. 

As frightening as this might be, you can avoid bringing these health risks closer to you and your loved ones.

Can the Trash Can Cleaners Near Me Eliminate Bacteria?

When your trash bins have reached such a level of filth that they pose a danger to your home, it’s a good idea to turn to a trusted professional, rather than attempt to handle the problem on your own. Fortunately, an expert trash can washing service like Ohana Bin Washing has all the tools necessary to eliminate your surfaces of all harmful bacteria still clinging to them, significantly reducing your exposure to the diseases listed above. 

Powered by high-pressure water jets, our cleaning truck will remove stains, destroy unpleasant scents, and sweep away any grime coating the bottom of your bins. The process will effectively destroy 99.9% of bacteria, so you can touch your trash cans again without worrying about your health.

How Can I Contact a Trash Can Cleaning Service Near Me? 

Don’t allow your trash bins to grow harmful bacteria! Contact us today to learn how we can help keep you safe.