4 Dangers of Having a Dirty Trash Bin 


When it comes to ensuring your home is as clean and polished as the first day it was built, trash bins are often the last priority on anyone’s mind. After all, they’re the tools you use to dispose of your waste every week — shouldn’t they be dirty, anyway? 

Well, not exactly. In fact, dedicating time to trash bin cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure your household remains protected from various dangers to your health. So, if you’re still debating whether to acquire trash can cleaning in Pflugerville from garbage can cleaning services like Ohana Bin Washing, keep reading!

1- It Can Lead to Bacteria Growth 

We deal with bacteria in nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from public bathrooms to the grocery store. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t limit your exposure to an excess of bacteria — especially if it’s the harmful kind. 

Unfortunately, dirty trash bins are one of the most common breeding grounds for health-damaging bacteria. 

So, if you want to avoid being exposed to it each time you open the lid of your bins, it’s a good idea to invest in a garbage can cleaning service to solve the issue before it can worsen.

2- It Can Make You Sick


Even if you cough into your arm, avoid crowded spaces, and self-isolate when ill, you could still end up sick because of one thing — your own trash bins!

That’s right; some viruses could make your trash cans their new home under the right conditions. When dirty, those filthy bins will allow flu- and cold-causing viruses to live on their surfaces, putting you at greater risk of catching them.

So, if you want to avoid being bed-ridden for weeks on end, don’t ignore maintaining your trash cleaning efforts in Pflugerville.

3- It Can Attract Vermin


When they’re hungry, pests are willing to do anything to find food — even if that means wandering into your trash bins.

As such, if you find yourself throwing food into those bins, whether bite-sized pieces or full meals, you might be inviting vermin into the outskirts of your home. From rats to raccoons, these pests will swarm the area until they find the source of the smell. Even worse, they could eventually make their way into your home!

Hire a trash bin cleaning service like Ohana Bin Washing to ensure no bits of food remain stuck in your trash cans and — more importantly — keep your home vermin-free.

4- It Can Create Bug Infestations 

Even just a single housefly can be incredibly irritating: Now imagine how much worse an entire infestation would be!  

Much like rodents and other vermin, bugs don’t care where they lay their eggs. In fact, they seem to prefer dirty trash bins, since the buildup of waste is the perfect breeding ground for larvae. Houseflies aren’t the only potential intruders, though: ants, fruit flies, and other bugs could find their way into those filthy trash cans. 

Stay Clean and Safe

Are you searching for the best trash can cleaning service in Pflugerville? Look no further than Ohana Bin Washing. Contact us today to learn more!